A Compliance and Strategic Development Consultancy Focused on Professional and Financial Service Firms

The Engage Insight (Engage) team works hard to help our clients identify, understand and embrace the forces that are transforming their market, their businesses and their client relationships. We specialise in turning compliance and business development insight into actionable strategies to enhance on-going professional practice.

Over the past 5-years, we have researched the market and designed and launched our digital compliance #Regtech platform Model Office (MO) that benchmarks firms compliance and business development performance, providing steers, strategies and guidance on complaint and professional practice across 5 keys: Your Focus, Your Engagement, Your Promise, Your Systems and Your People.

We do all this by focusing on three key areas:

Focus: Using MO to gain research, facts and data that highlight strengths, blind spots and growth areas across the FCA principles and risk-based framework plus other key directives such as MiFIDII, The GDPR, the SMCR and market information.

Develop: Benchmarking the firm against the regulatory requirements and its peers then designing strategies to enable the firm to comply and compete, embracing our new #RegTech platform MO’s business and regulatory strategies to ensure professional practice and encouraging professional standards through MO’s strategic plans and our professional skills development programmes and executive coaching.

Achieve: Providing advice and guidance so firms are able to meet their compliance and strategic objectives to ensure constructive conduct and culture and sustainable professional practice.