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Why get Creative?

When was the last time you made time to sit down individually or with your board, team or clients and think big, outside the box and get innovative?

Creative Thinking

The highly competitive world in which we now operate demands that professional firms employ practical and creative thinking in order to innovate within their firms in order to comply, compete and be customer-centric. In essence a creative culture is needed.

Within financial services this is evident with a move by the FCA to using behavioural economics as an interventionist and a consumer protection strategy and other markets such as the healthcare industry’s need for evidence based practice where GP surgeries are under pressure to perform as a business in their own right as well as serve their patients efficiently and with care.

Professional services such as solicitors, accountancy and law firms are now required to build savvy marketing and networking expertise along with their core professional knowledge.

Engage Insight are committed to supporting financial and professional firms by applying creative thinking to business strategies. This includes:

  • Behavioural Economics as a new board room strategy
  • Use of social media to build high relationship capital
  • Leadership as a core business strategy to encourage professional standing, market development and a competitive edge
  • Utilising new collaborative technologies such as Google and analytic tools to enhance customer experiences and build an efficient business

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