Change, renewal or transformation programmes are critical for turning around a stagnated organisation or for making a successful organisation yet more flexible, adaptive and profitable.


By working with our clients’ needs we have found a focus on firm strategies, behaviours, structures and the customer experience are crucial to sustainable success. We have therefore built and structured business and people development programmes and strategic change management strategies that focus on the added value to your business needs. We have  built an online audit survey to highlight any gaps and structured 2 accredited change programmes to ensure financial service firms now operated as professional services:

New Generation Firm –NGF: A Institute of Financial Planners and Chartered Insurance Institute accredited CPD 5 process change management consultancy programme that focuses on the key strategies to meet and overcome market and regulatory challenges.

NGF Focuses on 5 Key’s:

  1. Leadership and people development: Board structure, corporate governance, management information and ethics. Benefit: Performance management, ensuring the right people are in the right place with the right skills 
  2. Business strategies: Ensuring market trends are correctly read, using cash-flow accounting to understand profitability as a fee based service. Benefit: Stay at cutting edge of trends not fads
  3. Stakeholder communications: Manage risk and attaining high relationship capital with all stakeholders. Benefit: Ensure clear comms and all stakeholders are on the same understanding 
  4. Customer service propositioning: Client centric services, cash-flow modeling and outsourced or in-sourced solutions. Benefit: Client needs are at the centre of business services 
  5. Business and service support: Streamlined, efficient operations and systems incorporating technology, value based investment planning giving best practice Benefit: Ease of client access and understanding of business services 

Better Client Relationships – BCR: An Institute of Financial Planning and Chartered Insurance Institute accredited suite of CPD workshop modules covering all areas for B2B, B2C relationships that are necessary to encourage and incorporate positive organisational and people behavioural change resulting in trusted client relationships.

BCR ensures your business focuses on

  • What your clients really want
  • Building insightful client conversations to gain the ‘I’ve never thought about it like that before’ lightbulb moment
  • Understand clients’ business and personal needs and preferred working style
  • Understanding your clients’ priorities, providing insights and deepening the relationship
  • Managing relational risk and ensuring you gain informed consent from your clients
  • A proven process to build trust, rapport and client understanding in your staff and your business
  • Using technology such as cashflow modelling to streamline the planning and advice process

In essence BCR embodies the art and science of selling and interpersonal skills.

Our work embraces a new era in professional and financial services we have termed the ‘New Relationship Economy’.

The New Relationship Economy™ (NRE™)

The New Relationship Economy™ is a unique strategy that Engage have developed and use to ensure professional firms are aligned to meet stakeholder and customer on-going demands in a new economic environment. Engage have a number of strategies that are incorporated into our learning and development methodology and add more value to businesses looking to survive and thrive in an increasingly demanding market.

Key areas include:

  • Develop behavioural based structures and service strategies
  • Understanding the modern day client journey
  • Incorporating behavioural economics tools and strategies
  • Managing the fact that the client is now in control
  • Increasing client value, service and experience
  • Meeting stakeholder needs, benefit services and price setting
  • Professional standards, management information/corporate governance placed at the centre of the firm
  • Client engagement; Emotional intelligence, Touch point strategies incorporating Social Media
  • Client segmentation by relationship capital

Figure 1: The New Relationship Economy™ (NRE™)

Engage has structure workshops to position firms’ business models to align themselves with the NRE™:


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